Difference of Earring Post Type

Difference Types of Earring Posts

- What is the barbell piercing ? 
The barbell is a straight piece of jewelry finished with threaded ball end or either end.
- What is the Labret ( Flat Back ) Piercing ?
Labret studs were originally designed for use in lip piercings and they are perfectly suited to the task. The flat back plane on a labret stud sits smoothly against the teeth or gums, so it is much more comfortable than a ring or barbell. A labret is also much less likely to get caught on clothing etc.
It is especially comfortable for forward helix or tragus
- What is the difference between externally threaded or internally threaded ?
Both of flat back end.
The thread does not pass directly through the ear, so you can keep it clean. Threadless is better for forward facing jewels. Pins are usually easier to use for jewelry that needs to be removed often. Threadless bars allow for smooth insertion.


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